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We’re “Goin’ Mobile”, but are we already behind?

TheWhoSometimes, an important realization can creep up on you slowly.  Other times, it can hit you like a two-by-four.  Last week, let’s just say one hit me like an entire fleet of lumber trucks. 

Our agency had just completed a successful weekend-long live event activation at several cities across the U.S., where we were able to capture several thousand qualified sales leads exclusively via mobile devices. 

Shortly afterward, I attended a presentation by Abhi Ingle, AT&T’s VP of Mobility Application Solutions, entitled “The Future of Wireless”.  On top of a number of other equally provocative statistics, he cited a forecast that one billion new users worldwide will soon be having their first web experience – on a smart phone, as opposed to a PC. 

Finally, the “trifecta” came at the end of the week, when I encountered this little nugget from the Silicon Valley Insider, forecasting that smart phone sales will overtake PC sales by 2011: 


What really hit me was not so much the realization that, in the immortal words of The Who, we’re “Goin’ Mobile” – instead, it’s the realization of how fast we’re going there, and what it means to us as digital marketers.   

We are entering a pivotal period where the rapid shift to the mobile (devices & web) will have a profound impact on our digital marketing strategies and tactics.  Nearly everything that we’ve been used to delivering via the “traditional web” will need to be conceived, designed, and executed in a much different way. 

Make no mistake – since our early mobile digital marketing efforts, which consisted primarily of relatively simple WAP sites, forms, and text/SMS based interaction – we are definitely making progress.  However, advancements in connectivity, hardware, and software applications are rapidly making consumer tastes more sophisticated.  We will need to shift our digital marketing skills and approach even more quickly just to keep pace.

I have a strong feeling (not unlike that of another lumber truck barreling down on me) that we’ll be returning to the topic of mobile soon in this blog.  In the meantime, the question remains: How are YOU “goin’ mobile” in your digital marketing efforts?  And, more importantly, how fast are you going there? 

Please chime in with your comments and thoughts.

– Jim S.

  1. September 23, 2009 at 8:23 am

    thanks for the interesting read, appreciated.

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